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mory of the great Hungarian conductor, was founded in 2004 by Pa▓pp and Candice Wood. Every year, it offers a three-week▓ summer cours

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e to 12 students - chosen after global auditi▓ons - in the Tuscan seaside town Castigli▓one della Pescaia where, for over 40 years, Solti spen▓t his summers.The program came to China in 2016, and the initiative sponsored by Rolex, was hosted at the ▓National Center for the Pe

rforming Arts.Then, two Chines▓e singers also won the opportunity and now two more w▓ill go to the academy.Academy co-founder▓ Papp says: "I like music colleges. There is no▓ politics, the fac

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ulty is from different▓ backgrounds and with different experiences, but they have the same vision."We listen to the voice and we know what we can do with it."As for Frittol▓i, the best moment is when she finds that a young student gets what she says and the voice comes out in the right way.Pl▓ease scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease sca▓n the QR Code to follow us on WechatB&R p▓ushes Chinese, global firms to team upB&R pushes Chinese, global firms to team upB&R pushes Chinese, g▓lobal firms to team up06-04-2018 13:47 BJTThe Belt and Road Initiative has already produced several tangible results, which will continue to boost▓ revenue growth of both Chinese and foreign co▓mpanies, while improving their ability to e

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xecute big-▓ticket projects, an executive of CITS American Express Global Business Travel said."This grand initiati

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ve will not only rejuvenate ancient trade routes, b▓ut also further open up markets and accelerate economic integration on a tran

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sparent, equal and innovative ground," Kevin Tan, vice-president and general manager of the travel firm's China operations, said.The

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